Xbox 2 Halo Theme

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Halo Theme for the Xbox 2. Scroll down for all the Xbox 2 Halo theme designs! I bet your friends have never seen anything like this. Exclusive Designs!

XBox 2 Halo Theme Console - Light Grey Background

XBox 2 Console and Controller

XBox 2 Halo Theme Controllers - Dark Background

XBox 2 Console and Controller

Like the Xbox Two Halo Theme? Would you buy one? Tell us in the comments below.



Controller Xbox 2 halo theme

Looks too much like a ps4 controller

Will Xbox 2 be backward compatibility

I would like to see Xbox 2 be backward compatible to play all three consoles Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox 1.. I would like to play some of my old games like Star Wars and even my Jaws unleashed. Plus it be cool that the old games be in the Xbox live store to buy or be for free with Xbox gold

Halo themed Xbox 2

No I wouldn't buy one because they are ugly and I don't see the theme of halo in them.