Xbox Two Specifications - Hard Drive, CPU, Memory

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Xbox Two Specifications

Xbox Series S Announced For $299! What Compromises Should We Expect?

Microsoft announced the Xbox Series S after many leaks and rumors, and while no one is surprised, the price point was certainly interesting. This second next generation console is only $299! Despite this, they are promising it will have 1440P at up to 120FPS, raytracing, VRS and VRR, a custom 512GB SSD, and 4K upscaling.

Interestingly, the Series S has a similar CPU to the Series X, but the main difference here is going to be resolution and graphics for favor of performance. Power-wise, the Xbox Series S is about on par with the Xbox One X, which is impressive given that it's $299. You can check out a full specs comparison between the two models below:

Xbox Series X and S Specs

CPU GPU RAM / Memory

Xbox 2 GPU Perhaps the biggest question when it comes to the Xbox 2 is what will actually power it. We now have that information.

Fellow gamers, it’s time. Microsoft published a blog post on March 16th, 2020 that full details everything there is to know about the Xbox Series X specs.

Let’s get into the details and find out what the next generation console from Microsoft looks like under the hood!

For the CPU, we’re looking at an 8 core AMD Zen 2 with 3.8 GHz, and the GPU is a RDNA 2-class with 12 Teraflops and 52 compute units at 1.825 GHz, also from AMD. The teraflops in particular are impressive, and all of this points towards Microsoft’s promise of DirectX Raytracing (simulating light and sound in real-time with far more accuracy than ever before) and frame rates up to 120fps at 4K resolutions.

To give you an idea of what this looks like, check out the images below from Minecraft, with and without Raytracing:

Xbox Series X Specs
Xbox Series X Specs

Now, obviously this is Minecraft, but notice how the second shot has amazing light and reflections. Now, apply that kind of detail to something like Halo and you’ll see why Raytracing is such a game-changer.

The team also confirmed that Gears 5 will offer Xbox Series X enhancements at launch to take advantage of this horsepower. It’s not going to be a full remaster or anything, but the game will operate at a higher frame rate (current tests hit 100fps in single player), and additional graphical features beyond what the Xbox One X or PC could do at launch.

Players will get this upgraded version for free as part of the Smart Delivery feature, which ensures you’re always playing the best version of the games you own on Xbox. Microsoft confirmed this as a feature for all their first-party titles, but others like Cyberpunk 2077’s developers, have also committed to using the feature if and when they release a next-gen version of the title.

There’s also the subject of latency, which Microsoft has tackled in several ways:

Xbox Series X Specs

A new innovation called Dynamic Latency Input combines with a Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode to deliver better synchronization with your TV and your controller. These things have small impacts on their own, but put together they can effectively remote input lag and screen tearing from the equation.

For those who want a deep video dive into these new specs, check out the Digital Foundry video below for everything you could ever want:

Storage - Hard Drive

The Xbox Series X has promised a solid-state drive (SSD), but what does that mean? Essentially, this storage will make loading times a thing of the past. It goes past this, however, and into something called Xbox Velocity Architecture.

This integration between the drive and the software allows the speed of the drive to deliver 100 GB of assets instantly, which is going to make games bigger and more detailed than ever as developers won’t be held back by limitations in terms of assets and in-game streaming.

"The CPU is the brain of our new console, and the GPU is the heart, but the Xbox Velocity Architecture is the soul…"

- Andrew Goossen, Technical Fellow on Xbox Series X at Microsoft

Open world games will benefit from this, as it allows developers to make worlds bigger and more detailed since the SSD can provide that level of detail without delay. Beyond better games and lightning fast load times, the new Quick Resume feature here is something people will love.

This feature lets you swap between titles that you can suspend. Essentially you can leave a game, jump into another, and come back right where you left off, even if you turned off the system. It’s mind-boggling, but you can see it in action on the video above.

For those who are struggling with the terminology, or want to hear more about some of the features Microsoft has talked about, there’s an entire Glossary page where you can read up on what everything means.

In terms of storage size, you’re getting a 1TB SSD with the system. A proprietary 1TB expansion card is also an option that will allow you to double the system’s space while still keeping all the features of an SSD.

That being said, you can still use an external hard drive, but only with your Xbox One, 360, or original Xbox games. The next-gen titles need to run on the system’s memory, or through this expansion card that Microsoft developed with Seagate.

XBox 2 Controller

Xbox Two Specs Controller

The new controller looks pretty similar on the surface, but Microsoft has been working with their design teams to ensure their designs are as inclusive as possible for all types of players. To this end, the new controller has rounder bumpers, reduced space around the triggers, and sculpted grips.

The new D-pad also offers a deeper dish and finely tuned angles to give you superior responsiveness. It’s designed to allow for precise cardinal directions, but also gives you the ability to pivot to other diagonal directions without issue.

Taking a page from Sony’s book, the new controller also features a share button for quick and easy posting of screenshots or videos. Finally, the controller has a matte finish and some tactile dot patterns on the trigger and bumpers, which gives you a better grip.

The Future Versions of Xbox

The name for the new system, Xbox Series X, implies that there will indeed be multiple models. While not confirmed, we have heard that a lesser version of the system may be available at a lower price, with this being the superior model.

One thing that Microsoft has been great about is compatibility. The Xbox Series X will of course play Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox games that are currently compatible with the Xbox One. Not only that, the system will supposedly make them look and play better, even if they don’t have an official next-gen version.

Sharper graphics, higher resolutions, there’s a lot of possibility there. It will be interesting to see if there are two models at launch, but suffice to say, the specs here do not disappoint. What do you think of the revealed hardware and features? Let us know in the comments!

What do you the Gamers think?

Do you have any thoughts about the specification of the Xbox Series X? What do you think will power the future of gaming? Have your say in the comments below!

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shingled magnitic hard drives uses lasers

hi there shingeled magnitic hard drives uses lasers with peratbytes per second read write speeds or faster then ludicrus speeds in the future

HDD space.

100 terabytes does not equal 1 million gigabytes, it equals 102400 gigabytes.

Good Point :)

Hey Adiond,

You're absolutely right! I was never very good at math, lol. Thank you for the correction, it should be fixed in the article.

- Bradley

4k & HDD Space

If there's Gonna be a Problem I have, it's Gotta be the Hard Drive Space!

I like to Download my Games, and Upgrade my Technology, but If I Can't Bring my Downloaded Games to a Future Console for Any Reason, it's not for Me, I understand EA and a UFC Game Studio Had Differencess Moving On, But that Game Should Still be in My Liberary!

Not too Mention GTA 5, Witch I Ended up Buying Twice, Reason Being they they Couldn't just Re Render it From 360 to XBone even Tho it Was Digitaly Purchased!

Anyway, I Wouldn't Even Buy the SOC if it had Less then 100 Terrabytes!


good thing he actually said 100000 not 1 mil besides 100000 gigabytes is still 97 terabytes which is still crazy af.


Go's too show you that gaming will never die..keep gaming guys and good luck..


It would be nice if the controls eventually turned into something like the movie gamer,e except u don't control other people.

Some worrying concepts

I could think of anything worse than a console without a controler, imagin it you want to have a long chilled out night on the xbox, but wait im having to jump round my living room.

Too soon?

I just recently saved up enough money to buy an Xbox One and now there is another console coming out? I know the Xbone has been out for 3 years now, but it feels like it just came out. I was hoping for a longer time between the consoles so I could have time to enjoy the Xbox One before I have to hear about another console I need to get. Here's to hoping GameStop will give me some good money trading in my console and games

The concept

Why, if you're so smart, can't you fix it where we can play co-op on the same console? I do enjoy playing some on line, but it sucks that you're almost making it mandi tory to be on line to play. The 360 was awesome. Put in the disc and in a few seconds you'd be playing the game. Now...I've had to wait until the next day to play a game because of the download time. I hope for quicker download times, all games to be same console co-op enabled, completely backwards compatibile, and less than $599.

Xbox 2. Gaming in general.

I think a lot has to do with the generation you come from. Coming from early 80s and loving graphical games like fall out, Witcher, the up coming final fantasy 15 (Played them all) love the mass effect series can't wait to see how part 4 is. I like having the discs. I love having a collection on my gaming entertainment stand. I like controllers. I like solid objects. Cloud storage is great. Being able to download your saved games to another system especially after Xbox one started doing backwards compatible. Sure I love being able to tell Cortana to open apps or to turn my Xbox on and off. But to become completely controller free? I don't think so. A lot of what is coming out is speculation and things that are possible. Microsoft isn't going to say to much. No company will. Not until really close to release. Sony and Microsoft don't want to give up secrets to each other lol. The Wii doesn't matter. It's a family console, not a hard core gaming rig. Still looking to see how the NX is though. A lot of secrets there. Applying for patents on their new designs. Maybe they will do something big and crazy and surprise us all.

I don't want to lose controllers. VR visors sound like a cool thing if they can do it right. We need a hard drive. Servers break down a lot and we all will get mad if we have to keep waiting for hours to have the servers repaired. Definitely keep the virtual assistant. Being able to just say "hey Cortana, Xbox on" is cool. If possible Digital 3D, that will be seriously awesome thing to do. Like an IMAX 3d movie theatre. Things coming out at you. Have the VR visors activate the 3d. Nice.

Kinect is still important

-Needs the Kinect 3
-TV focused with an HDMI input again for Cable boxes
-Lock GPU resource at 10% for Kinect
-Faster Game installs from Disc
-Cloud processing and always online

Too soon

I think 2017 is too soon, there are still a lot of bugs with the Xbox One and the games that work with the Microsoft servers. Lets tale our time with the new console and perhaps take the feedback from the gamers to have less bugs in the gaming servers as well as other features that we liked between each Xbox console.


I totally agree with EGCM! Everything he said is true! The downloads takes forever!! I hated that! And the price should be at the most is $450! And in my opinion you guys should remake Star Wars! I heard that you have to pay to battle! That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! You should make exactly like battlefront ll only better picture, stronger guns, new moves for jedis/siths like push force. I hope you guys take my suggestions! Cuz I'm a huge fan!! Thanks

Xbox 2

You should definitely have VR for Xbox 2!!! But you need to leave two choices of whether you want to play with VR or controller!!! Yes VR is awesome but if I'm tired I don't to jump around in my living room! I would want to relax!! But VR is perfect for a party, hangouts, and even if you have to burn energy!!! ;) but definitely have a controller!!! Thanks!!! I hope you take my suggestions!!! Peace out!!!

About gaming

Would u be able to play with people who have Xbox one


They should if needed for VR build removable controllers that are part of the Xbox 2 controller. I would think it could help keep the cost of the VR equipment down . It could also be something that wouldn't interfere with gaming and if you didn't have the money for the VR right away the controllers would be just fine tucked in the controller for Xbox 2.

4k Gaming & HDD Space

If there's Gonna be a Problem I have, it's Gotta be the Hard Drive Space!

I like to Download my Games, and Upgrade my Technology, but If I Can't Bring my Downloaded Games to a Future Console for Any Reason, it's not for Me, I understand EA and a UFC Game Studio Had Differencess Moving On, But that Game Should Still be in My Liberary!

Not too Mention GTA 5, Witch I Ended up Buying Twice, Reason Being they they Couldn't just Re Render it From 360 to XBone even Tho it Was Digitaly Purchased!

Anyway, I wouldn't Even buy it if we're less then 100 TeraBytes of HDD!

Xbox 2 is it possible?

Would be nice to have it holding more than one disc such as a 5 disc holder it


The new xbox should come with a SSD or HDD. SSD is much quieter than a regular HDD. Why not add a SSD rather than the old HDD. Does not make sense if xbox is going to go with a HDD.

what new in the xbox2 systems

I hope you can set up a profile offline for xbox2 just like xbox360 dos I cant get my xbox 1s have no network get trun on create a profile to play xbox1 games!