E3 2018: Phil Spencer Confirms The Next Xbox is in Development

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Microsoft had a lot to prove at E3 2018. With a severe lack of exclusives and the PS4 beating the Xbox One in sales, we all hoped Phil Spencer and the team at Xbox would give us a reason to fall in love with Xbox gaming all over again. Did they succeed?

Oh yes, the Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference was incredible! Not only that, but Phil Spencer confirmed that the hardware team is already working on the next Xbox. Will it be called Xbox 2? We certainly hope so, but for now, let's take a look at what he revealed!

Phil Spencer Publically Acknowledges Xbox 2 at E3 2018

Beyond some great announcements, Microsoft revealed a few new things at E3 2018 which point to their focus in the future. For starters, they purchased four new developers to make exclusive Xbox titles for them. Among them was Playground Games, Undead Labs, Compulsion Games, and Ninja Theory, developers of the wildly successful Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

They also formed a new studio in Santa Monica called The Initiative, which is composed of top talent from all parts of the industry. This points to the potential for massive AAA exclusives on Xbox One X and Xbox Two. Phil Spencer also went on to discuss some new technologies and research Microsoft is working on.

For starters, he mentioned Microsoft AI, which promises to enhance the artificial intelligence of game characters, making them even more realistic. He also confirmed what we've suspected for a while, that Microsoft is working on a cloud streaming service to let you play console games on your phone, tablet, or TV without the need for a physical console.

Console players shouldn't fret, however, because he then went on to discuss what the Xbox hardware team is working on. Having come off of working on Xbox One X, Phil Spencer gave us this update:

"Our hardware team is deep into architecturing the next Xbox console, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to deliver the benchmark of console gaming."

It's very rare to hear any official acknowledgement from Sony or Microsoft this far ahead of a new console's release, but there you have it, Microsoft is officially working on Xbox 2! While he didn't mention anything like specs, we already have some predictions in place.

Check out the video below to see the moment when Phil Spencer officially confirmed the existence of a new Xbox in the works:

The Next Xbox is Code-named "Scarlett," Coming in 2020

Shortly after this huge announcement at E3 2018, Brad Sams caught wind of a new rumor suggesting the next Xbox will be coming in 2020.

The information comes from an undisclosed source, but it suggests that the next Xbox in development right now is code-named "Scarlett." Furthermore, the tipster revealed that the next generation will begin in 2020 for Xbox gamers, which is in line with our release date predictions.

It's also sounding like this next generation could be a change from what we're used to, as Scarlett is reported to be a "family of devices" instead of a single console. We don't know if this new system will still exist alongside the Xbox One Family, but we're willing to bet it's a clean break.

That being said, it's likely that Scarlett will be backwards compatible with the current generation and perhaps everything going back to the original Xbox that Microsoft has already made compatible with Xbox One devices. As far as the family of devices goes, it could be several models of varying types, or it could be something with a mobile element that utilizes the cloud technology Phil Spencer also mentioned at E3 2018.

It's certainly an exciting time to be a gamer! What did you think of Microsoft's press conference and these new rumors? Let us know in the comments!



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