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Just as the Xbox One was an enormous leap forward in technology when directly compared to the Xbox 360, we expect the Xbox Two to be a game-changer when it comes to console technology. At this early stage there is no information to draw upon from Microsoft as to what innards the console might boast, but that doesn’t stop us making predictions as to what we expect the Xbox Two to be like.

The Xbox One comes armed with an impressive array of technology, including an eight core processor, a 500 GB hard drive, Blu-Ray capability and 8GB or DDR3 RAM. It’s advanced enough that it should be able to play anything the developers can throw at it beautifully for the next few years, but what then? Technology is constantly adapting and evolving and so we don’t doubt that the Xbox Two will pack an enormous punch.

Take a look at the Xbox 360 compared to the Xbox One. It has just 512 MB of RAM compared to the 8 GB of the newer console, a multiplication of 16. If technology improves at the same rate over the next few years could we expect the Xbox Two to feature 32 or even 64 GBs of RAM? Will that amount of memory be usable in a console? Or will new and improved technology completely revolutionize the way we game with access to supercomputer power through a cloud of networked machines?

The Xbox One comes bundled with the Kinect, and it seems likely that this interactivity will continue into future consoles. Will we soon be giving up the classic controller entirely? Instead playing our games purely with motion sensor and voice technology? It seems a long way off at present, but if the technology could be improved then it could lead to a new and highly immersive form of gaming in the future.

Release Date
The heads of the Xbox division at Microsoft were always quite open about explaining that the Xbox 360 would be a ten year console. As support has been promised for the 360 until 2016 and it was launched in 2005 that was a pretty good estimate. It seems likely that the Xbox One will have a similar lifespan, which could lead to a launch of the Xbox Two in November (Microsoft has always favored a November launch) of 2020. That would give the Xbox One a ten year lifespan, and allow for a three year overlap of the Xbox One and the Xbox Two to give gamers time to upgrade to the new technology.

This is purely guesswork on our part and it will depend on a number of factors such as improvements in display and processing technology in the next few years, and the initial selling success of the Xbox One. Microsoft will want to get their money’s worth out of the One before letting us have access to the Two.

The cost of the console is a difficult one to guess as we really don’t know what the economy is likely to do in the next five to ten years! A couple of decades past you would have found it hard to find someone willing to predict a worldwide recession and yet we’ve all been through that, so the price of the technology of the future may be dependent on the state of the world’s economy.

Despite that, and looking at the historical pricing of the Xbox 360 that launched at a cost of $399 (for the Premium package) and the Xbox One entering the market at $499, it’s not unrealistic to expect that the Xbox Two will launch at a comparable price. The new and improved technology will of course add cost to the unit and so it’s probable that we’ll need to work from a base price of $599.

Given Microsoft’s resolve to replace the many gadgets beneath your computer with one all-in-one entertainment center, this may not be an unreasonable expectation. If it saves you getting your hands on a DVD / Blu-Ray / future film media player and a means to watch your TV subscription then paying a little more for a console could still be cost effective.

Only time will tell what we’ll have to pay for the Xbox Two, along with its release date and its specification. We’ll keep you up to date with any news and rumors that we discover, but feel free to add your own thoughts as to what you’d like to see in this next console.

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