XBox 2 Controller Concepts by Darpan Bajaj

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Forward Thinking XBox 2 Controller Concepts:

Custom Gaming Controls


Console Controls

Console Controls


Touch Controls



Home Screen

Home Screen

In Game Controls (Map)

In Game Controls



These XBox 2 concept designs were created for us by Darpan Bajaj, a skilled artist from India. View Darpan's portfolio here:



Xbox 2 controller

That touch screen Xbox 2 controller is awesome.

best controler concept ever

This doesn't have to be just for the xbox 2, this could work for x1 then its evolution from there. I would pay 99 for this controller.


I like this consept because there is nothing that can break of realy easy, and the map on your controler is a very fun and cool idea!


I hope they seriously make the controllers like this. I love it especially the map idea & no more buttons.


I hate it. They replaced the buttons with a led touchscreen, so you cant feel if you hit the button or if your thumb slipped off the thumbstick, making fast paced games a struggle, so no.


The steam controller with it's tracking technology, customisation options. Made the Xbox controller for me feel a little bit dated. but looking at (Microsoft's) approach on its next gen concept, of what a controller should be like, i find myself excited and if Microsoft controller can preform as well as Valves Steam Controller, then the possibilities in customisation will be endless, letting you finally control the game how you want to play instead of feeling limited to what the controller will let you do.

The only thing i would like to see different, as well as the finger tracking touchscreen, would be. Centred at the bottom half i would like, the left analogical thumb stick and 4 real Xbox buttons, giving the distinction this controller will have, as well as staying true to what a Xbox controller is. Forgive my spelling!

No leave controller basic to fancy

No no leave controller basic to fancy no one should be looking at the controller and playing anyways should be by feel if thats the controller im done with Xbox till they get a basic controller


you will be able to use the xbox one controller as well with it.

Cons/Pros and other things maybe

This is a cool concept, but here is only some cons, so yeah, let's get in to it: Battery life would suck, It wouldn't feel right and you also couldn't feel if your pressing the right thing, the controls on it don't look appealing to the eye. Pros: The controllers mold looks sexy, the idea in general is cool, you couldn't break thumbsticks or buttons. How to improve: add real thumbsticks and buttons, reduce the screen to between the thumbsticks and buttons, make sure it has a gyroscope and maybe a camera.

New Controllers

I personally do not like the idea of having no buttons; I hope they don't make the controllers like this.

Play in video games

Wow I like it.This is the better controller than the Xbox one because touch screen is very cool.

video games

Cool controller i vote that.

Lack of Physical Buttons

How would you be able to use a controller without physical buttons? I feel like your hands would miss the positioning a bunch and miss buttons. It would also not have a ton of physical feedback that's nice.

New controller

What about holding multiple buttons(sprint and jump), making typed precise combos(tekken, mk), playing any plataformer, or.. well.. any true game..

All games made for touchscreen screens(like all smartphone games) have oversimplified controls and auto-combos and stuff.
A controller like this was designed by someone who never played any games besides casual and smartphone ones.

New controller

Completely useless. Anyone who used play many different kinds of games could recognize why this is unusable in most games.

This controller is already a reality. Anyone with a smartphone can use it, especially in emulating apps. Button positioning and editing included.

Maybe touch could be somewhat good for tracking motion in racing/fps, like the steam controller, but ABXY touch? Seriously?

So lets imagine playing a versus match in mortal kombat 10, speedrunners, rocket league, towerfall.. A person with a proper controller and you people with this new design. The outcome is obvious. Try to play games like dark souls or GTA V, god of war.. Cmon, really, cmon...

English is not my language, i'm from brazil, sorry for any mistakes.


Make them for Xbox one