PS5 vs Xbox 2

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XBox vs PS5

XBox 2 vs PS5Both Microsoft and Sony are working on new consoles. The Xbox One has come a long way since the early days. Xbox One X, despite being powerful, isn't allowed to spread its wings and harness that power for exclusive titles.

That leaves us at an impasse, one that Microsoft and Sony will address by the end of 2020. The new Xbox may come in several forms if rumors are to be believed. Meanwhile, rumors point to the PS5 being a "monster" with a new PSVR headset included. It's time to let these two future consoles face off in a battle that will become reality all too soon.

Scarlett, Anaconda, Lockhart, Oh My!

Codenames have been flying around recently surrounding the next generation of Xbox consoles. It all started with Phil Spencer confirming that Microsoft is working on next-generation hardware at E3 2018.

From here, rumors began to surface about Project Scarlett, which is supposed to be the current name of their next-gen offering. Things got really interesting in mid-December of 2018 when Windows Central reported that Microsoft is releasing not one, but two consoles in 2020 to kick off the new generation.

Both fall under the Project Scarlett moniker, but they have names of their own. Anaconda is supposed to be the successor to the Xbox One X. It's allegedly going to be a beast of a machine that will push the envelope for gaming hardware by offering 4K resolution and frame rates upwards of 240 FPS.

PS5 vs XBox 2

There aren't any specs to speak of just yet. In addition to Anaconda, there is also Lockhart, which is rumored to be the next Xbox One S. It won't be as powerful as Anaconda, but it will be more affordable as a result. This suggests a similar situation to what we have this generation with the S and the X.

Microsoft has been lagging behind Sony this generation. How can they come back from the brink with these new consoles? It's time we discussed the elephant in the room.

Microsoft Canceling First-Party Titles: Are They Giving Sony The Edge?

Power is great, and Xbox One X is full of it, but there's a larger issue here, and that's Microsoft's streak of cancellations. It's not outside the realm of reason to say that Sony's exclusives have been killing it in 2018. Consider titles like these:

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Nioh
  • Persona 5
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Days Gone
  • God of War
  • Spider-Man
  • The Last of Us 2

Those are just the ones off the top of my head, but I'm sure there's plenty I'm missing. These titles represent some of the most hyped releases we've ever seen this generation. Normally you don't see heavy hitters like these, or at least, not as many of them.

Meanwhile, Microsoft released, uh, not much? What's going on? They can't afford to keep giving Sony the edge with this amazing releases. They need more first-party titles, not less. This brings me to my main contention: Scalebound.

Yes, I know this is going to open some wounds, but we need to talk about this. Scorpio/Xbox Two will only succeed if it has games to back up that horsepower it's sporting. Scalebound from Platinum Games was looking like a great action brawler with a rockability flavor and dragons! It was a sign of better times for Xbox owners.

Then, with a single statement, it all came crashing down:

"After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios ha come to the decision to end production for Scalebound. We're working hard to deliver an amazing lineup of games to our fans this year, including Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, and other great experiences."

An excellent Forbes Article mirrors my opinion on this subject.

Having played Halo Wars 2, it's pretty good, but it's not the breakout title that Xbox needs to get back on the map. Furthermore, Gears of War 4 was kind of a let down in my opinion. Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, and State of Decay 2 are all decent entries, but none of them have grabbed the spotlight as of yet.

Beyond Scalebound, Microsoft also axed Phantom Dust, Project Spark, and Fable Legends recently. Now, Phantom Dust will still probably get an HD remaster, but the new title is gone for good. It makes me want to tear my hair out, because Sony has been pushing ahead at full-speed since E3 2016 and the titles have delivered.

I agree with the aforementioned Forbes article, that this problem has been mounting for years. Microsoft simply isn't offering enough of a reason to take their console over Sony's, and that's why the gap has been growing between the two company's console sales.

Now, we need to give credit where it's due. Microsoft's E3 20187 press conference was packed with great games. Not a ton of them were exclusive, but they did announce they several new and major studios have been purchased to work with Microsoft exclusively.

These include studios like Ninja Theory, Undead Labs, Playground Games, Compulsion Games, and a new studio named The Intiative. If anything, this shows that Phil Spencer understands the importance of top talent and great games. This could bode very well for the next generation, but we won't know until these studios have had time to let their new projects come to life.

When Will Microsoft Embrace VR?

Sony's PlayStation VR headset has enjoyed respectable success since it launched, but Microsoft has yet to release one of their own. In 2016, Phil Spencer said that the Xbox One X would support high-end VR, but that never happened.

In an interview with, Microsoft's chief marketing office of gaming, Mike Nichols, shot down any chances of seeing VR on Xbox One. He suggested you go to PC for that experience as they are focusing on experiences you can play on your TV.

It's a shame, because VR really is an experience that anyone should have the option of trying. It's also odd, because Microsoft has several VR headsets for PC they've worked on with partners like Samsung and Acer. They also have the Hololens that has been gaining traction outside of gaming.

While it's possible they could change their minds for Xbox 2, as of right now it looks like Sony will continue to dominate the VR market on PS5.

The Beginning of a New War

What Microsoft tried to do with Xbox One, but were ultimately shot down for, could become the norm for future consoles. We've discussed game streaming several times before in the past, but with Project xCloud, Microsoft is actually bringing the concept to life.

There's also the rumors that an Xbox One without a disc drive is in the cards for 2019, complete with a program to turn your discs into digital licenses. It sounds crazy, but Microsoft is really embracing streaming and the digital realm faster than anyone expected.

Meanwhile, despite the existence of PlayStation Now, the PS5 doesn't seem to be taking this approach. Microsoft is trying to make everyone happy with new consoles, multiple options, and a streaming service to make their games playable on all manner of devices.

Could this approach give them the edge next generation, or are they spreading themselves too thin?

Let the debate begin!

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xbox 2 release date

why 2020 for xbox 2 ? (needs to be in 5 weeks)


no next 4 years


You say it would be unlikely for the ps4? they could put it where the touchpad is and make it a smartscreen.

ps 5 v.s. xbox 2

i personally like Xbox so i don't get it why even fight we all have our opinions on this so psshh forget it and go on to something else.


xbox wins

xbox is the best no questions

Xbox is not the best

Xbox servers are terrible actually, PS4 is so much better because its cheaper and it doesn't lag you out of a game like Xbox does. PS4 has different games than Xbox which is normal but I believe that xbox and PS4 should merge together and combine games for both systems! PS4 all the way!!!

PS4 vs Xbox one

Shut up. PS4 have better games than xbox. Xbox games are getting boring

That’s too true the games.

That’s too true the games. Are getting boring, just the same old stuff repeatedly and same maps. They really need to get there idea guys sacked .

Xbox and ps are both the same so stop comparing them it’s getting older and boring to keep fighting for top spot both are number 1 as they are the same but a different name on the box , both have there up and down sides .


You are so right.


Xbox is definitely the best


1 of the things about PlayStation4 is that the graphics are better then the Xbox One. Sure then if you want graphics you could get a pc, but not everyone wants to deal w/all the hardware crud. I think the PS5 will still have better graphics


Why Xbox 2? It should be the Xbox 720 since the Xbox 1 took a different name.

The name of the new Xbox

the name of the 360 was given to it because it launched with 360p then the original name of xbox one would be 720 but they change the graphics to 1080p and not 720p but sadly no one believes that the xbox has 1080p because of this

Your so wrong there

The Xbox360 was called 360 because microsoft made a total of 360 changes to ig from what they did with the original Xbox in fact. The Xbox360 outputted 576 of analogue out 720p over component and upto 1080p or I over HDMI. The GPU in the 360 was more powerful over the ps3 at the time not my words spec for spec 360 was better. As for people saying xbox games are boring well that's down to the user, if you buy a game and a week later, you get board of it how the fuck is that the makers fault or the consoles fault. Get over your self. Of all the things to fight about you lot in your millions fight over a motherboard with a GPU on it, in a box. Fuck me really shows humans haven't moved on from the 1900s.


The PS5 is better it will have a hologram + VR

Xbox two

Please don't not let Us loose a gain to PlayStation make sure that your work has best as possible don't forget you can never go wrong with bigger is better than last time Xbox two for everywhere


They charge to play on line sucks it's already expensive to buy a console games control s ect need to change that

release date

Ps5 should come out next year 2017 and people should buy at a very high price €600. Make improvements to it and make sure it is ready by 2017 please I would do anything and even pay €50 extra and use all concepts to have a variety to choose from

release date

why not bring the ps5 out know in 2017 than too wait till 2020 to bring out your so awesome masterpiece

PS vs XB

The only thing I wish is that I could play with my friends that have ps


What if u dont have any friends and u csnt change ur name on psn and u cang play the old games in it so ps is straight garbage im buying that new xbox!

These are just concepts. I

These are just concepts. I highly doubt this will be what they look like. And "Xbox Two" doesn't really make sense. It was called Xbox One because it was an all in ONE system so Xbox would be technically a downgrade if we were going by name


The controller looks dumb u should put buttons that pop out and not on a screen just Becouse of that I'm buying ps5

The Truth....

Playstation is an older, better company, who have stuck to their purpose; gaming entertainment. I feel Xbox 1 on the other hand almost forgot about gaming, with all it's "fancy" non-game related stuff. From what I know Xbox's Project Scorpio is a complete rip-off of playstation's slim concept. I have used Playsation 2, Playsation 3, my personal favorite: Playsation 4, Xbox Orginal, (The best Xbox:) Xbox 360 and the life destorying Xbox 1 (they said it's simple to, one big lie). Playstation alway has been easy to use (unlike the xbox) and the PS4 controler is probably the most advanced controler ever (also a plain beauty). I'm used to be Xbox 360 fan (everyone got to admit the PS3 was cr@p when it first came out). Playstation has more better exculsive, and will have in the future cause of Naughty Dog Studio is still here. The PS5 with out doupt wil be better.

NW,orginlly PS fan, former XBox fan, now a PS for life.

I don't know

There both great and amazing tech however the ps5 does have holographic technology with is pretty sweet but the xbox has 100 terabytes thats crazy. (I wonder what Apple has to say??) I dont know what's better

Console Peasants

all are all console peasants , glorious pv master race is above all! Hail Lord Gaben!

so boring

It's sad that nowadays consoles are so boring.. old days nintendo/sega era there was always some new thing but now when theres only box and ps only old things are used, so nothing new.. And dont get me wrong those are both good consoles just no any innovations.

microsoft needs to stop

microsoft needs to stop ripping off sonys products. every xbox ever made is a downgrade of sonys system the xbox was a ps1 the 360 just a ps2 even has ps2 games on it xbox one is just a ps3 microsoft has nothing compared to the ps4. xbox has bad graphics compared to ps and ps cost less i have no favorite system as some games i like are only on xbox and sony has better prices just a developer that analyzes every aspect of games and i just cant make many games for xbox due to limitations while ps4 i can xbox needs to make a unique system

Console wars

Think everyone needs to grow up with thier comments of PlayStation this xbox that I own both consoles and a top range pc I use the consoles equally depending what game I want to play. Both consoles have their merits and disappointments and I myself don't class any better than the other. Both have good graphics etc both have things for each other.

graphics card

too bad the xbox has amd, I wont buy, I will buy playstation because it has nvidia

Just giving my views

Actually both the ps4 and xbox one use amd gpus and cpus,so if u want nvidia graphics get a switch or a pc cause xbox and playstation will be using amd cpus and gpus for a long time to come. As for which gaming format is better I've played on pc and owned every ps and xbox since release except the xbox one x and ps4 pro, from all 3 formats they each have their ups and downs like the ps4 is more powerful but i love the fact that the xbox one's controller is simple and bigger than the ps4 controller, as for pc gaming that freedom of knowing i could play what ever game i want(except console exclusives) and usually for free made it worth while but i stuck with an xbox one s at the end of the day just because it gave me what i wanted next gen i might get a ps5pro(if there is one) or pro version of the next xbox but only after I've seen they meet my needs. End of it all what I'm trying to say here is what ever format u play on accept all its accomplished and all it hasn't, remember that we all game at the end of the day and should be complaining to the companies that make the stuff to give us what we want not argue with each other over which format has the least faults

i like both

i like both


Better D-pad


I think the Xbox is going to beat the ps5 in the battle because the Xbox has better graphics thin the ps5 and all the games for the Xbox will be better thin PS five because it has better graphics and that is all four now so we will see later on gays