E3 2019: The Beginning of The Next Generation

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Xbox 2 reveal E3 2019

This is it! At E3 2019 Microsoft took the stage to talk about the future of gaming. Will we hear about Project Scarlett? Will we see the Xbox 2 revealed? Read on to find out everything Microsoft showed us at E3 2019.

The Next Generation Revealed

The same team that makes Xbox One X and the Elite controller, and made backwards compatibility possible are working on the next generation console. At E3 2019, Microsoft unveiled Project Scarlett, the next generation console coming in holiday 2020.

Here are some details we heard during the trailer for Project Scarlett:

  • Customer Zen 2 Navi processor 4x more powerful than Xbox One X
  • Frame rates up to 120 FPS
  • Variable refresh rates
  • Ray Tracing enabled by hardware
  • SSD storage (leading to lower load times)
  • SSD is used as virtual RAM
  • Support for 8K
  • Holiday 2020 release
  • Project Scarlett for now, final name TBD
  • Halo Infinite launching with the console

With the big news out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the major highlights!

All The Biggest Highlights From Microsoft’s E3 2019 Press Conference

1. New Outer Worlds Trailer

Obsidian brought a new trailer for The Outer Worlds to E3, which kicked off the conference. The trailer was full of color, explosions, and promises of both abilities and plenty of player choice. We also got confirmation that’s coming to Game Pass at launch, which is a nice touch.

2. Bleeding Edge from Ninja Theory Announced

The new 4vs4 multiplayer combat game from Ninja Theory has a slick style and some cool character designs. It has a focus on melee combat, but the whole experience could be something that rivals Overwatch with its character-focused multiplayer.

3. New Ori and The Will of The Wisps Trailer

We finally saw some new footage of the gorgeous Ori sequel, and it’s looking as good as ever! Another title confirmed for Game Pass access at launch, it’s coming February 11th, 2020.

4. Minecraft Dungeons Announced

A new ARPG from the developers of Minecraft, this combination of Minecraft and Diablo is another confirmed Game Pass title with four player online and local co-op.

5. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Trailer

The new Star Wars game from Respawn saw a new trailer showcasing excellent graphics and some very smooth lightsaber combat. It certainly looks the part, but we shall see how the gameplay holds up when it releases November 15, 2019.

6. Blair Witch Announced

A brand new Blair Witch game was announced, with plenty of Outlast vibes, this horror title could be an amazing new experience. Let’s hope they don’t kill the dog, though.

7. New Cyberpunk 2077 Footage

A new Cyberpunk 2077 trailer finished with a big reveal: Keanu Reeves is in the game! He was even on stage at the Xbox briefing. Wow, this game just gets better and better. It’s coming April 16th, 2020.

8. SpiritFarer Announced

This gorgeous new title is coming to Gamepass with exploration, crafting, and building elements. It’s certainly beautiful!

9. Battletoads Remake Announced

Well, GameStop employees should have fun. Battletoads is coming back, and it looks to be remake of the original.

10. RPG Time: Legend of Wright

RPG Time: Legend of Wright is a new title that has an amazing art style which combines cardboard and notebook sketches into a really interesting looking game.

11. Flight Simulator Announced

A new Flight Simulator was announced, showing gorgeous graphics powered by Satellite imagery and Azure AI.

12. Age of Empires II Definitive Edition

Age of Empires II is getting the remastered treatment with this definitive edition.

13. Wasteland 3 Announced

A new title in the Wasteland universe, this time set in Colorado. Looks like a solid entry in the strategy genre.

14. New Psychonauts 2 Trailer

I need to know when this is coming out. Even so, the trailer looked very good! We also have confirmation that Double Fine is joining Xbox Games Studios, which is great for them!

15. Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga

This game combines all nine Lego games into one collection! This should be a great way to experience all the Lego Star Wars games.

16. Dragon Ball Z Returns

A New Dragonball Z action RPG? Sounds good to us!

17. 12 Minutes

This new isometric thriller about a man trapped in a time loop has us very intrigued! Check out the trailer to see more.

18. Way to the Woods

This beautiful new title has you playing as a deer and its child as you explore interesting environments. Coming in 2020!

19. Gears 5 Coming September 10th

Along with the announcement news, we saw a new Escape mode for Gears 5 where players must infiltrate and plant a bomb in a hive before escaping. Seems like a great new idea! Players who pre-order and play week 1 also get a sweet Terminator skin.

20. Dying Light 2

A new Dying Light 2 trailer showcases the main character and the fact that they’re infected themselves. It’s looking very good!

21. Phantasy Star Online 2 Coming West

The extremely popular Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to Xbox in 2020. People who have been waiting should be very excited about this one.

22. Crossfire X Comes to Xbox in 2020

The popular series is coming to consoles in 2020. Check out the trailer!

23. Tales of Arise Announced

The new tales games is looking to upgrade the graphics by a large margin! It’s coming in 2020.

24. Borderlands 3 Trailer + New DLC

A new Borderlands trailer showed up, along with a few surprises. The Handsome Collection is available on Xbox Game Pass today, along with a new DLC for Borderlands 2 that bridges the gap between 2 and 3. It’s available now, for free!

25. Elden Ring

The new RPG from From Software and George R.R. Martin is now official! Looks very interesting, but will it be as hard as everything else from the Dark Souls studio? We shall see.

26. Project xCloud Comes to E3

This October you will be able to stream games to your console or other devices. This is Xbox’s attack against Google Stadia and people are getting to try it first hand at E3.

Your Turn

That’s a wrap for Microsoft’s E3 2019 conference! What did you think? Were you surprised or disappointed? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments below!



New Xbox "Scarlett"

To me, it seems like you are more focused in on cross platforming and video performance which is okay for some and annoying for others. PC gamers using a mouse and keyboard can be and are more precise than any console player could ever be. One of my biggest petpevs is that you build these great machines that cannot handle fast internet. For the people with 300+gb internet the Xbox still limits the speeds running any where from 41.50mb/s to 85mb/s which is extremely slow when my PC utilizes the full capacity of the speed I pay for. Please enhance the network card already. UGH...