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Xbox 2

Xbox Series X came out on November 10th 2020, along with the Series S. XBox did not disappoint however Playstation also delivered with the Playstation 5. The console gaming wars are the most competitive they have ever been. The question is when will the official XBox 2 ever be released?
Learn more about the release date, price, concept designs, specs and all things XBox Two.

How The Xbox One X Factors Into Everything

When does the next generation Xbox become the current generation of technology? The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have taken console gaming on a great leap forward, but what will their next generation look like? The PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X are wildcards for the gaming industry. We’re not used to seeing consoles that exist within a generation. An Xbox slim, sure, but not a new console with more power.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s first attempt at an iterative console. It’s not the Xbox 2, but it is something new within the same generation. Microsoft calls it the Xbox Family. Your games will play on any version of the Xbox One, backwards and forward compatible.

The Xbox One X versions will offer 4K resolution and various enhancements that the developers can choose to add based on the extra power the system has over the standard Xbox One. It plays the same games, just a little better.

If Microsoft sat on the Xbox One hardware for another 2-3 years, they would be incredibly far behind the curve. The Xbox One X is meant to close that gap a little, but ultimately, there will be an Xbox 2 in the form of Project Scarlett.

XBox Two Early Concepts

The Xbox 2 Release Date: Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console

XBox vs PS5

The Xbox One X released in holiday of 2017, so now we begin the wait for the next generation Xbox Two. How much longer do we need to wait? Microsoft will need to let this new console breathe and test these new waters before they take the next step.

A report from Thurrott revealed insider information that Micfosoft is current planning to release Xbox 2/Project Scarlett in 2020. Our Release Date Page is the ultimate place to keep track of the ongoing news and rumors.

Whether it’s a look at the past, or a glimpse into the future with quotes from major industry players, we’ll keep you up-to-date here.

Xbox 2 Concept Art: Form Meets Function

While the design of a console may not seem like much, today’s consumer has a very open living room with entertainment centers designed to show off their gadgets. Beyond the overall look of the console, we’ll also need to consider the functionality of its design.

How will it stay cool when the insides heat up during long gaming sessions? Will the controller change to match the new console? These are the big questions we’re asking on our concepts page.

Talented artists like Danny Haymond and David Hansson will bring the future of Xbox to life for all to see.

Xbox Two vs PS5

Console wars are a given when it comes to the game industry. Microsoft and Sony traded some serious blows during the months leading up to the Xbox One and PS4 release. There’s not doubt in my mind that they will come to blows again when the next generation consoles are on the horizon.

Our Xbox Two vs PS5 page is the place to find out how this epic battle will take place, and what it means for gamers. Come find out how the battle will go down!

Xbox 2 Specs: GPU, RAM, Hard Drives and Much More!

Are you the person who goes hunting for specs when a console is announced? Does the sound of teraflops get your disc drive spinning? You’ve come to the right place. Our Xbox Two specs page is where we dive into the details.

We’ll look at the Xbox One X and its insides first, then we’ll look at industry trends to find out what the next console could have under the hood. If it’s coming down the pipeline, we’re going to talk about it, so come join the conversation!

Xbox 2 Games: New Experiences and Old Friends

Microsoft has made it very clear that they want gamers to keep their games when they move forward. The big push forward with backwards compatibility on Xbox One is a sign of that. Whether you own an Xbox One, an S, or the new Xbox One X, every game works on all three now and going forward.

It’s an environment very similar to PC, where generational lines are blurred. The Xbox 2 will hopefully continue this trend and bring us a mixture of experiences both new and old.

We’ll have incredible new experiences and entries in our favorite franchises, but we’ll also have everything that came before. Find out more on our Xbox Two Games Page.

The End of The Xbox One Family

Microsoft refers to the Xbox One, the S, and the X as part of one Xbox Family. This means that you can play your games on any one of these consoles and use your accessories on each of them too. No one gets left behind.

It’s pretty exciting, especially when you look at the effort Microsoft has put into backwards compatibility. With a huge selection of Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles available to play on the current generation, the plan is to keep this compatibility moving forward.

Can they do it? Will they be able to transition to the Xbox 2 (Project Scarlett) and still keep everything backwards compatible? If anyone can do it, it’s them. With Phil Spencer at the head of the charge, the possibilities are endless.

Come check out our page on The End of the Xbox One to see how we believe Microsoft will make this important transition into the future.

Xbox Fans Unite!

Xbox 2 Gamers is about the future of Microsoft’s gaming console, but it’s also about the gamers who play on it. This is the place where we dream big and we want you to dream with us. What do you want from the next generation of gaming?

If Microsoft came here to read about what gamers want, what would you say to them? This is the place and the platform to do it! Come together fellow gamers and let’s not only predict the future, but shape it to our will.

Tell us what you want from the Xbox Two (currently codenamed Project Scarlett) in the comments!


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i want it

May i have this xbox two with 2 controllers and 4 games its awsome even 3d

I love XB2

I love XB2 almost as much as I love perky Chinese women.

beta tester

Can I be a beta tester for the xbox two


Can I test the Xbox two please?

xbox two

I can't wait for the xbox two to come out I might buy it

Xbox Two

The Xbox 2 GameSystem should really cut down on the Xbox Live Store for good, because it is costing Microsoft millions of dollars by selling the older Xbox games. It would be best for the Xbox Two GameSystem to have Netflix more

Server issues and CPU ussage

The Xbox 2 will need a lot more CPU to handle the new features, and a lot of CPU is more money coming out of your pocket, and on top of that, the Xbox One has been known for their bad internet interception and server issues every day. I really hope they could fix these issues in the new console, and still have the amazing features and settings we have to choose from. Personally I use Xbox, but the Xbox One has given me so much trouble that I might be switching to Play Station in the future. Also, if you are the host in a multiplayer game lobby, then the other players experience more lag that usual because the Xbox One does not get internet signals very easily. I'm very excited to see what Microsoft will do with there new console and I also hope that the controller from the video is not going to be the one they use because it looks very uncomfortable

How much do you guys think it

How much do you guys think it will cost. And please tell me when it is going to come out..

I LOVE XBOX ONE but when this

I LOVE XBOX ONE but when this comes out ill BE SO HAPPY looks sick the name i have there is my xbox one user name add me and ill add u back then we can have a game of destinty bo3 assasins creed unity or aw

beta tester

I own all current xbox consoles & would like to learn how to become a beta tester & if on project scorpion will all games from Xbox -xbox1 will be playable on this console


Need it next week not next year nearly 2018 when going hot cmon..

its 2019 now

and im just hearing about this really old article lmao. :P

Xbox 2 price is $300.00

Xbox 2 project Scorpio release date is set for may 26 2017

Xbox two

I would like to get this when it comes out

This Isn't Xbox Two

You guys are fooled that Xbox 2 is Scorpio and that it's coming out in 2017.

Cant wait

Cant wait to have this new xbox...

Test the system

If you are looking for people to test the system out, I'd like to be one of the lucky ones. Looking forward to what they bring to the table!

This is going to rock

Rumor has it the XB2 will have reverse and forward compatibility, meaning that stuff from an Xbox 360 like games, controllers and even the kinect will be compatible with the XB2 software. Anybody else think this is bad ass?


Look like it going to be another good gaming system. Going to buy this system.

In The Future

2020 - A Nuclear war with North Korea may have happened or is happening and their will be no reason to buy, play or even think about xbox 2. 3yr is still a long ways away in this vast and crazy expanding economy of a world.

Plz answer me !

Should I get xbox one s or should I wait for xbox 2
I wanna be a gamer and have a console that is future proof


I Need my handles on the controller i hate touch screens when it comes to gaming..... for driving and flying... also are all the accesories going to work as well? I own a logitech wheel g927 with shifter...


Don`t wait for a console over 2 years away get the Xbox One S

Project Scarlett

I would like the xbox live title games playable on the xbox consoles, especially on the new xbox 2.. Microsoft needs to work on that being a priority for xbox fans..

Xbox 2 awsome consoles

Wow, the BOX 2 have a touch screens consoles , that's awsome however playstation need to catch up faster this time, XBOX microshoft gonna win this time round , that's for sure but this cool looking model is for real anyway? If its real then 2020 gonna buy Xbox 2 with an amazing console with touchscreens functions awsome.

Good pro

It's amazing


I’d love to beta test. Have been a die hard Xbox fan since the 360 and would love to test it out. thanks!

Xbox 2

Is the xbox 2 available for testing


Not sleeping until I can pre order one.


Is there a price for pre-order and what will the normal price be once it reaches the stores if any of that info has been given.