XBox 2 Scorpio Concepts

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The XBox 2 Scorpio design fans love. Check out this design inspired by Xbox fans across the globe. Detailed concept designed and created by Danny Haymond.

XBox 2 - Project Scorpio in Black

XBox 2 - Project Scorpio

Our first image here is a sleek concept of Project Scorpio (A.K.A Xbox 2) with a classic Xbox One controller. This is no mistake my friends as Microsoft has confirmed that all of your Xbox One games and accessories will indeed work on the new console. The design of the box is an evolution of what we've seen in the Xbox One S which brought down the size and cleaned up the look.

Here that designed is furthered with a sleek exterior and plenty of ventilation for the massive horsepower Microsoft is going to put inside this new box. Microsoft has learned their lesson when it comes to console that overheat (we won't mention the Red Ring debacle or anything), so as the hardware improves they are being more conscious of the ventilation they provide to ensure nothing overheats.

It's more than likely that the LED lights on the front will turn on when the system boots and then fade. This will add style without being distracting during gameplay. While this concept includes the classic controller, it's also safe to assume that Project Scorpio will receive its own controllers or an updated version of the elite customizable controllers.

Project Scorpio - Xbox 2 in White With Inputs Labeled

XBox 2 - Project Scorpio

It's more than likely that Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) will come in more than one color. Once again, this is based on Microsoft's new options for both Xbox One S and the various models we've seen of the original Xbox One. As you can see, the system has four USB 3.0 slots for all of your accessories.

Further more, the back of the system has optical audio, high speed HDMI and auxillary ports. We know that the Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) will also support some sort of high-fidelity VR. We believe this will be the Oculus Rift VR headset. You'll alo notice the peculiar disc in the upper left corner. This is a concept of a Holographic Versatile Disc or HVD. Using a green laser for reading and writing, and a red laser for position and addressing, this type of future disc has a capacity of up to 6TB!

XBox 2 - Project Scorpio in White With Matching Controller

XBox 2 - Project Scorpio

The specs of Project Scorpio/Xbox 2 are going to be massive. We're expecting an AMD Polaris solution with 6 TFLOPS of processing power, combined with up to 12GB of high speed RAM with a 320GB/s bandwidth. All of this is going to power both VR and 4K gaming experiences.

XBox 2 - Project Scorpio With Classic White Controller

XBox 2 - Project Scorpio

The Xbox 2/Project Scorpio has a release date of holiday 2017. Microsoft is hoping that the arrival of this console will signal an end to traditional console cycles. They wish to keep everything compatible so you can move forward with your library of games and your accessories.

This will also allow them to start releases more iterations of their consoles throughout a lifespan, thereby improving upon the hardware and keeping up with the PC industry.

XBox 2 - Project Scorpio Close-up

XBox 2 - Project Scorpio

Here we have a nice and close view of the Project Scorpio (Xbox 2) concept. Carefully placed LED lights add to the console's visual appeal without distracting from the experience. What do you think of these designs? Are you going to purchase Xbox 2/Project Scorpio when it releases? Let us know in the comments!



I like this concept

I rather enjoyed this concept or this version of the Xbox 2

X box games

What if you can scan your face and put it on a role playing game by useing the x box camara and say you are in the game like one persion shooter or your on line friends knowing thire faces

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