XBox 2 Design by David Hansson

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Xbox 2 concept by David Hansson. So realistic you wish you could order it now. Scroll down for additional information and links to high-res downloads!

XBox 2 Console and Controller - Light Background

XBox 2 Console and Controller

This first design calls to mind the original Xbox, although this looks far more sleek. The large vents here would go a long way towards ensuring that the no doubt powerful hardware within is kept at an optimal temperature. In keeping with Microsoft's simplistic and all-inclusive naming styles (Xbox One meaning an all-in-one device) the logo here features the Xbox text with a superscript number two.

Everything about this design screams a streamlined and focused approach, which is exactly the kind of mindset Microsoft should be in when they unveil the next generation console.

XBox 2 Console and Controller - Dark Background

XBox 2 Console and Controller Dark Background

Next up we have the same concept with a darker background, which lets the neon green lights pop a lot more. Notice the light bars on the controllers. This concept is already in effect on the PS4, but it's more subtle here. The stylistic aspect of it with the halved "X" shaped lights really make the controllers stand out.

Custom Theme

XBox 2 Custom Theme

When the Xbox 360 released, face plates were an option to customize the system. While they didn't take off, this concept introduces alternate cases with different colored lights. For the Call of Duty and Battlefield fans out there, the digital camouflage (right) is a must.

Xbox 2 Controllers

Xbox 2 Controllers

Here we have a more detailed look at the controller concept. High precision options are more in demand than ever as competitive gaming is on the rise. Even Microsoft has seen fit to release an elite controller for the Xbox One that is designed specifically to be as precise and customizable as possible.

Xbox 2 Custom Theme Controllers

Xbox 2 Custom Theme Controllers

Speaking of customizable controllers, these digital camouflage options with blue light bars are an excellent alternative to the standard black design. Old school Xbox gamers will appreciate the retro color scheme on the standard controllers, but the new generation will certainly enjoy the other color options.

Xbox 2 Controller - Detailed View

Xbox 2 Controllers Detailed View

Our final concept here is a close inspection of the controller. Notice the length of the triggers on the back. This is a deliberate design choice as it provides a far more accurate measurement of the pressure being placed on them. For shooters, this type of control over the triggers is an absolute must.

Notice the triggers down on the handles of the controller. A great use for buttons like these would be for intense moments in a game, like sprinting. Instead of clicking the stick, you can focus your adrenaline and grip the controller, thus pressing the buttons on the grip, to run. Another great examples is during a cut scene if you need to exert force, instead of mashing a button like we're used to, press both those triggers in and hold the controller tight.

All Xbox2 concepts created by David Hansson, a very talented graphic designer and 3D artist. View his portfolio here:

Are you ready for the Xbox 2? What would you expect in the design? Are you happy with your current gaming console? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!




The controllers are too much like the ps4 controllers, leave the analog stick where they are now.

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